Enjoy your day at Delta Force Paintball

At Delta Force Paintball we like to give our customers their money’s worth, which is why our regular paintball days run from approximately 9:15am right through until 4pm. You really do get a full day of action and adventure. 

From the moment you arrive you will be greeted by our friendly paintball marshals who will collect your registration forms, issue you with your kit and equipment and give you a full safety briefing. You will then have a chance to test your aim in our gun zone before entering the battlefield.

Then it’s time for the fun to begin! For a full breakdown of your paintball day please read our easy to follow, step by step paintball itinerary below.

Please note this itinerary is for regular adult and kids games only. 

Check out your paintball itinerary below!


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Paintball Itinerary

Paintball Day Arrival


Your paintball day will begin at 9.15am, but where possible we would ask all players to arrive at 9am in order to get things underway on time.

Paintball Day Getting geared up
9.15am - 10am

Getting geared up

Check-in, issue of kit, getting dressed, loading ammo, teams organised.

Paintball Day Safety briefing & target practice
10am - 10:15am

Safety briefing & target practice

Safety speech, practice on target range.

Paintball Day Paintball games 1 – 6
10:15am - 1pm

Paintball games 1 – 6

This is when the action begins. You will play two games per game zone over three varied scenarios. This is to give you the chance experience both attacking and defending on each game zone. Throughout the games, paintball marshals will patrol the area, keeping a close eye on the action. If you require any assistance at any time do not hesitate to speak to one of them.

Paintball Day Lunchtime
1pm - 1:30pm


Lunch break, birthday cake (BYO).

Paintball Day Paintball games 7 – 12
1:30pm - 3:15pm

Paintball games 7 – 12

Enjoy six more games of paintball in three different game zones. This is your chance to even the score or further increase your lead following the first six games. Hopefully the enemy team will have overindulged at lunchtime and be slow out of the blocks!

Paintball Day Awards ceremony
3:15pm - 3:30pm

Awards ceremony

Discover how well (or not so well!) you did during the 12 games. The winners on the day will receive a certificate in recognition of their victory. It’s all just a bit of fun though, and you’re always welcome back for a re-match!

Paintball Day The Hunger Games
3:30pm - 4pm

The Hunger Games

If time and daylight permits you may be able to even out those scores a little sooner than you thought. As you might imagine, the Hunger Games is a dog eat dog battle ’til the end. The last player standing wins!

Paintball Day Departure


Remember to bring a change of clothes for the journey home, especially if you’re hitting the town afterwards!

Please note: Finish times may be earlier during winter months.


The best paintballing in Ireland

Whether you're organising a stag or hen party, celebrating a birthday or simply searching for casual paintballing, you've certainly come to the right place. Delta Force Paintball caters for any occasion, and we’re more than happy to help tailor each group’s paintball day. We offer unrivalled adult, kids and team building paintball packages at great value prices.

With mind blowing movie set game zones (including props sourced directly from the sets of Hollywood blockbusters such as Tom Cruise hit Edge of Tomorrow) and state of the art paintball equipment, Delta Force Paintball is sure to please any aspiring Rambo or Ramboette!

We're also pleased to announce that Delta Force Paintball is a five star accredited member of the EUPBA (the paintball governing body in the EU), meaning you can enjoy your paintball day with complete peace of mind. With highly qualified paintball marshals and first aid trained centre managers, you're always in safe hands at our Delta Force centres.