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gold rush outdoor paintball games

Gold Rush

Gold Rush

The year is 1888 and an official gold rush is in effect. Mines are opening up all over the frontier as they are all after their share of the millions of dollars worth of gold located under the ground.The Outlaws, however, aren't prepared to put time and hard work into the mines and would rather just steal it from the profitable mining companies. The miners are now storing their hard-earned reward in the town’s banks, which are protected under lock and key by the town’s Sheriff and his Rangers.To counter these measures the Outlaws have to be braver than ever. They are regularly having fierce showdowns with the town’s law enforcers and are determined to break into the banks to steal the wealthy bullion.

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Delta Force Gold Rush Game Zone


  • Gold Rush Features

    • Authentic Saloon Bar
    • Deathly Gallows
    • State Jailhouse
    • Trading Post
  • Delta Force Gold Rush Gallery

  • Gold Rush Tactics

    • Steal gold and get to hideout to win!
    • Create smokescreens to move around safely
    • Utilise town walls as cover

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With mind blowing movie set game zones (including props sourced directly from Hollywood film sets such as James Bond thriller Casino Royale), state of the art paintball equipment and a five star health and safety record, Delta Force Paintball is Europe's number one choice for paintball sports.

Don't believe us? Why not take the celebrities' word for it? Hundreds of high profile names have passed through our gates over the years, including Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt and actress and supermodel Cara Delevingne. You just never know who you're going to bump in to when you visit your local Delta Force Paintball Centre!

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