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Chemical Alley

Chemical Alley

Global oil production hit it's peak around twenty years ago and a war for oil is about to grip the post-industrial world. You lead your band of battle-hardened mercenaries through the dying remains of a once proud forest and come across a heavily guarded fuel depot. Your objective is to eliminate everyone that stands in your path and gain control of the depot, the only problem being that your enemy has the exact same idea…

Each team is separated by rows of steel drums, purposely arranged to ensure no 'safe' spot remains safe for very long. In this game there will be no prisoners, no second chances and zero room for error. The aim of the game is total annihilation!

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Delta Force Game Zone


  • Chemical Alley Features

    • Gladiator-like arena
    • Heavily guarded fuel depot
    • Strategically placed steel barrels
    • Vast open spaces
  • Delta Force Chemical Alley Gallery

  • Chemical Alley Tactics

    • Annihilate the other team to win!
    • Stay on the move
    • Provide cover fire for teammates

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With mind blowing movie set game zones (including props sourced directly from Hollywood film sets such as James Bond thriller Casino Royale), state of the art paintball equipment and a five star health and safety record, Delta Force Paintball is Europe's number one choice for paintball sports.

Don't believe us? Why not take the celebrities' word for it? Hundreds of high profile names have passed through our gates over the years, including Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt and actress and supermodel Cara Delevingne. You just never know who you're going to bump in to when you visit your local Delta Force Paintball Centre!

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